Friday, June 29, 2007

I Hear Lily Did Well In Baseball

Due to dark forces at work, I was unable to break away and see my beautiful daughter compete in Sault Little League action.
Lisa took Lily to her game, and did a great job of cheering her on along with Trevor and Grandma Nichols. Lisa does a better job of getting pictures, too, as seen by the 'action' shot to the left.
Lily hit the ball really well both times up to bat. Our practice is really paying off. She didn't have anything hit to her in the field, though. Still she had fun and Momma flipped the bill for Burger King after the game. No game next week due to Independence Day. Her pictures will be taken on July 10th at 5:00 before her game.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another 'Dinger For Lily

Lily had another fun night of Sault Area Little League. She got two more great hits, and the second one her second 'homer' of the career, as she was the last batter for her team. Lily is getting a lot better in the field, too. She made some nice stops on the ball, and a good throw to first. More than that, she's just having a lot of fun.
Just Trevor and I cheering Lily on again this week. Next weeks games have been cancelled due to the holiday (Independence Day). Lily will have her team pictures taken on July, 10 at 5:00.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Lily Blows Away The Competition

It was a windy night in Sault Area Little League action, but Lily rose to the occasion. She had two more good hits in the game. Her first time up, she was the last batter, so she got her first 'home run' of her career. The second time up, she made solid contact because she backed off the plate and hit the ball in her 'power' zone.
Lily got some action in the field in the first inning. She made some good stops on the ball and some good throws. The second inning she only had one hit to her. She can entertain herself, though, if she get s bored.
Just Daddy and Trevor cheering her on again. More game next week.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lily Plays In The Rain

It was a rainy night in the Soo, but Lily's little league game went on. It did clear up a bit to get both innings in.
Lily hit the ball well again, especially her second hit. She really made good contact with that one. She made a good play in the field the first inning, and had some interesting poses and dances going on in the second inning. She's such a ham, but also a good sport, as she's the first one in line to shake the other team's hands every week.
Trevor and I were the only one's out in the rain this week. With a baby in her 'tummy', Lisa is feeling the sickness that comes with that.
The kids are also enjoying the treats that come after the game, too. Trevor got one this week because they thought he was so cute. That's our boy, and our girl.

Trevor Catches A Pike

In just our second fishing outing of the season, Trevor snatched an 18" Great Northern Pike. We drove all the way to the river mouth in Paradise, MI, and the gamble paid off. It was a beautiful day, but turned a little rainy to cut our trip short. We were still able to spend some quality relaxation time together, though. The rest of us just caught 'grass pike'. Trevor said he loves fishing, and both he and Lily can't wait to go again. In the picture is Lisa holding Trevor's fish for him. He wasn't sure he wanted to touch it!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Practice Pays Off For Lily

It was a hot night in the Soo, but Lily still had a fun time again. We practiced hitting during the day, and that paid off as she clobbered the ball both times up to bat. Lily had a little extra speed on the base path wearing her new 'Princess' shoes. In the field she got to play first base again, where at least she gets some action. She did a pretty good job and was showing off her great throwing arm. She also got to play against her friend Sarah McKinney again, too.
Same ol' cheering section for Lily, as Mommy and Daddy, Trevor, Grandma Nichols, and Grandma 'Pappy' were in attendance. Trevor was more concerned with playing with the girls and impressing them, though, than he was about watching his sister play. More games next week, and maybe her Papa and Nana can come up from down state to watch.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another Fun Night For Lily

Lily had another fun time playing baseball last night. She had two more solid hits, despite the fact that her coach keeps pushing her too close to the plate. She still makes pretty good contact and gets the ball out there. She didn't have too much hit to her in the field, but she doesn't push other kids out of the way like some of the others do. She does a good job of keeping to her position and not chasing the ball when it's not hit to her. After the game, Lily ran to the front of the line to shake hands with the other team. She's such a good sport.
Cheering on Lily this week again were Mommy and Daddy, Trevor, Grandma Nichols, and Grandma 'Pappy'. Another game this week on Thursday.

First Time For Fishing

Lisa and I took the kids fishing for the very first time the other day. There is a trout pond by Rotary Island that is filled with fish every week and is just for kids. Unfortunately, we had no luck catching ANYTHING at all, but the weather was great and we had a fun time being together, which is what fishing is really all about. Going on a Monday night, the pond had been fished out all weekend. We'll have to go earlier to get some fish next time. I do hope they catch at least one fish, because neither of them were very happy that we got skunked!
Their fishing poles where presents from the 'Easter Bunny' for Easter.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Putt-Putt Golf Season Begins

Lily, Trevor, and I started out putt-putt golf season today in Sault Ste. Marie. It was a beautiful day, and we all had a great time. I lucked out with a hole-in-one on hole 5, but the kids did really well too. Lily had a couple of hole-in-twos, and Trevor, is, well, just Trevor. Lily can hit the ball a little more consistantly, but Trevor still has fun hitting the ball and running around. We'll do this plenty of times this summer, and hope to hit a few new 'courses'.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Lily Beats The Storm, Gets Her Uniform

Lily had another great night of baseball, and just in time as the later games were cancelled due to the pending storm. It started off as a beautiful evening, but halfway through the game the sky turned dark with rain seen in the distance.

Lily had two more great hits at the plate. One was a liner up the middle and the othr a fly ball toward third base. She's really getting her swing down and making good contact. In the field Lily made a good play on the ball and had a solid throw to first base.

Lily's cheering section this week consisted of Mommy and Daddy, Trevor, and cousin Timothy.

The teams received their uniforms this week, too. Lily's teams colors are light blue and navy blue (like the Whitecaps!) and she's opted to wear #9 for this season. We'll be taking some quality pics of her in her uniform soon, and will get them to family and anyone else who wants them.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Lily Shines In The Cold Sault Weather

Despite the cold and windy conditions, Lily excelled in Sault Little League competition Tuesday night. In her first at bat she hit a solid liner up the middle. Her second at bat took her a couple of tries, but she hit another good one after a swing and miss in her first attempt. Lily runs hard to first and likes to slide into the other bases. In the field, she played first base. Being a 'southpaw', she is likely to see a lot of action at this position. She did a good job of getting in front of the ball and throwing it back to the coach. She likes to sit down by the base until the ball is hit as well as entertain with her usual antics.
In attendace to cheer her on again were Mommy and Daddy, brother Trevor, Grandma Nichols, and her Great Uncle John (Lisa's uncle). Lily also got to play against her freind Sarah McKinney, who she used to play with when she was a todler. Next game for her is Thursday at 5:30.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Rain, Rain, Won't Keep Us Away

Severe thunderstorms couldn't keep us from the ballpark on Saturday night. The weather cleared up nicely and became beautiful for a fun night of baseball at 5/3 Ballpark in Grand Rapids. Lily and Trevor were more concerned with getting their ice cream, but enjoyed the game. Of course meeting Spiderman had to be the highlight. Papa and Nana enjoyed the time with their grand kids and, of course, spoiling them rotten.
We planned on going to Sundays game, but opted for Saturday night since the weather was supposed to be worse on Sunday. The kids still got some autographs from coach and former MLB player Benny DiStefano and a ball signed by Detroit Tigers prospect Gorkys Hernandez. Just one more month before the big baseball trip with myself and Papa.

Whitecaps Double Up Wizards 8-4

The West Michigan Whitecaps beat the Fort Wayne Wizards 8-4 at 5/3 Ballpark on June 2. Hometown local Duane Below earned the victory, upping his record to 6-2 for the season. The 'Caps bats were hot on Saturday night, too. Designated Hitter Michael Betram led the way going 3 for 4 with two RBI's. Scott Sizemore and Diek Scram had 2 hits a piece, with Sizemore driving in 2 and Scram 1.

The win moves the 'Caps into a second place tie in the Midwest League Eastern Division with the Lansing Lugnuts with a 30-24 record. Sunday's game was suspended due to rain, with West Michigan leading Fort Wayne 1-0 in the second inning. Here's the official box score from Saturday's game:

Friday, June 1, 2007

Lily Has More Fun With Baseball

Lily had another great time playing baseball last night. When asked what her favorite part of playing is, she stated "Everything. I like to play everything." She added two more hits, but wasn't satisfied with the second one. Lily knows where to stand when she hits to get the heart of the bat on the ball. The coach kept moving her closer, resulting in her hitting the ball on the inside of the bat. Still a good hit, but she's a good hitter and can be left alone to bat. Rooting her on again were Mommy and Daddy, Trevor, Grandma Nichols, and Grandma 'Pappy'. After the game Lily and Trevor enjoyed playing on the park and spending time with teammates. More games next week on Tuesday and Thursday.