Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Griffins Game

Also over the weekend, I took the kids to their very first Grand Rapids Griffins game. It was a lot of fun, and  the Griffins won 7-3. They were very impressed with the Van Andel Arena and the city as a whole. We were also able to meet the famous Fox Sports Detroit Girls. Brian played shy, but they were very nice and signed a baseball for him and his hat. They signed a picture for Lily and Trevor. I'm not sure why we haven't gone to a game until now, but this is something we'll have to do a couple of times a year for sure!

Van Andel Museum

Over the weekend the kids and I took a trip to my place of birth, Grand Rapids. Our first stop was the Van Andel Museum. Lots of great stuff for the kids to check out, and they also had the Titanic exhibit with the relics from the deep. The kids were in 'aww' of  a lot of the displays, and it was really a great experience for them.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bowling And Basketball

Well, this was the last weekend we have both bowling and basketball. For the kids this was the bowling awards ceremony. They did a 'rock and bowl' for them, and even Brian was able to throw a few. Papa stayed with Bri and Lily, while I took Trevor to get his basketball pictures taken. Then we made it back in time for him to get his bowling trophy. Trevor's team took third place, while Lily's took fourth, but they still had a great time. Lily also won a trophy for bowling a high score game. Then...back to basketball. Papa took Trevor back for his game. The other kids and I finally made it to watch Trevor's team come from behind and win in overtime 16-14. He played great and had a couple of key assists. All around busy Saturday for us, and I'm glad Papa could be here to help out and share with his grandkids!

Polar Bear Plunge

Papa came up to visit over the weekend, and we kicked it off by going to the Lakers game as the took on the Alaska Nanooks. The Lakers cruised to a 5-1 win, and we had a great time at the game. Brian was the only kid that tagged along, but loved to hang out with his Daddy and Papa. He was happy to get a free t-shirt and do the chuck-a-puck.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tiger Caravan in Cadillac

Last month Papa was able to meet three of the Detroit Tigers, Quentin Berry, Drew Smyly, and Andy Dirks. He earned this opportunity being Cadillac's Citizen of the Year. All of the charity work work he does for the community, like Kiwanis, and being a big brother. Don't forget he's a great dad and grandpa, too. Well deserved in my opinion!

Laker Basketball

Well, Trevor didn't have a basketball game last weekend, so we took in a game at the college. This was the first time since I went to school here that I've seen the basketball team play. We actually had a really fun time, and Trevor was able to learn a little bit more about the sport. The Lakers lost, but it was a close game and they played well. With the winter sports wrapping up, to bad this will be the last time we'll see them play this year.

Just Bowling

We finally had a Saturday with just one thing to do...bowling. This was the last week of actual bowling, too, as the season was wrapped up. Trevor got bowler of the week so he got a ribbon. I was able to get a few good pics of the kids, as they finally got their bowling shirts, also. Fun day, and the bowling season is so long for the kids. This weekend was the rock and bowl and awards.