Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lakers Open Thier House

Last weekend was the first annual Laker Open House put on by the Blue Liners. The kids got to skate and interact with the hockey team. They played some games and some of the players were in the dunk tank. Brian got mad in the locker room because he really wanted to put the skates on like Lily and Trevor and the Lakers. Head Coach Jim Roque gave him a puck to calm him down, he was so upset. He also got really wet in the duck pond. We had a fun night and are ready for the hockey season to start.

Are You Ready For Some Football?

We always knew that Trevor was a little devil, but now he's really a Little Devil. This is the first year of Little Devil flag football, and Trevor is glad to be a part of it. They had their first practice last week and he had a good time. Getting past the running and push-ups, he enjoyed a lot of the drills. They put them through drills at about every position to evaluate where they might want to play. Next practice they will split the 70+ kids into teams, and they will play in game under the lights at the high school stadium on October 23rd. More to come on this for sure.

Just Another Day At The Beach

Last week we met Papa and Nana down at St. Ignace for some fun in the fall sun. It was cool, but the kids still had fun at the park. For me it was relaxing and always nice to see my kids having a good time and relaxing themselves. The kids played hookie from school so we could get a head start on some serious play time. We could only spend the afternoon down there, but made the best of it. Finished it off with subs for dinner and some more play at the park at Papa and Nana's hotel. This was only the start of a fun week.

Monday, September 6, 2010

CMU Football Fun

Last on our agenda was the second outing for the kids enjoying Central Michigan football. We went down a little early to stop by the baseball field and shop at the bookstore. We battled rain, but it led up in the second quarter to become a beautifiull night. The Chips won 33-0 and we were able to get onto the field after the game. The kids aren't really used to football, as we usually attend baseball and hockey games, but still had a fun time with me and Papa. We'll see about taking Brian next year...we'll see....

Water Slide...Denied!!!!!

Continuing our tradition of hitting Adventure Island to end our summer, we fully intended to have some fun on the water slide like the kids did last year. We didn't have Brian with us this year so I was going to have a chance for some fun, too. Unfortunately when we went there on Thursday, they told us they closed the water slide early because the boss didn't think anyone would want to use it. Nice. So the kids went on the bumper boats, and your truly put on a hitting display in the batting cages. We went back the next morning, just to be informed they won't be opening it at all because it's too cold. Hello..we're from the U.P....not too much is too cold for us. We were pretty disappointed, but the kids went on the bumper boats one more time and played in the arcade for awhile. We'll try our luck next year.

Last Ballgame Is A Bummer

Our last baseball game of the season found us meeting up with Papa and Nana in Traverse City for the Beach Bums game. It was good to see the Bums win, and the kids had a fun time at the ballpark. We were lucky as it rained most of the day there, but cleared up before game time. We had them announce the kids birthdays over the PA system, too which made them feel like celebrities. They also had a chance to meet some of the players after the game. It was a fun night, and the beginning of our 'end of summer/birthday celebration.