Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sault Girls Softball Season Ends

As disappointed as I was with soccer, I was very impressed with Lily's softball league. They really stressed fun and learning the fundamentals of the game. Even during the games, there was constant instruction and encouragement. Like soccer, though, I wasn't able to put an entry on every game, but, like soccer, I was at every game and got some good pics. She did a great job this season, and really learned a lot. She hit the ball well, and got better as the season went on (that's what's supposed to happen, right?). She really liked playing catcher, and her coaches let her play their a lot. She also played some infield, but mostly outfield when she wasn't behind the plate. The coaches are the some of the high school players, and they really have a good rapport with the players. She already stated she wants to play again next season. That's my girl!!!

Sault Soccer Season Ends

Ok, I've been so busy, and I usually try to have an entry for every game, but this season it just didn't happen. Trevor's team had a rough year, finishing last, but he still had a good time playing. He missed the last two games, one because his leg hurt, and the second because we didn't receive the e-mail about it until it was too late. I've stated how disappointed I am in how this league is run, and I think the kids were feeling it this season also. We had pretty high hopes at the beginning, since Trevor was on the same team as his best friend Alec, but with only a few practices, it was hard to compete in game. I'm not sure if he'll play again, even with his friends playing, because of his experience this season. Toward the end his team was often short-handed, which didn't give the kids a lot of time for a break in the heat. We didn't receive any calls or anything from the coach telling us about the last game...which wasn't on the schedule. It's hard to justify yelling at the kids for being out of position when the league hasn't put enough practice time in to teach this to them. My negative views aside, I hope Trevor enjoyed most of the season playing with his friends. I know he wants to play football again, and has even talked about playing baseball again, too. We have an ice cream social next week when he'll get his trophy. I know that there are more pics of Lily playing softball than Trevor, but that wasn't intentional. I'm usually busy chasing Brian around at the soccer games, and it's hard to get better pics, and he missed the last two games.

Fun In Mackinac

Wow, see how far behind I am? Still trying to catch up from our trip a few weeks ago. Continuing up from TC, we stopped off at Mackinac City for some more fun. The kids were able to burn some energy off at the play ground and walking around the downtown. Lily and Trevor tried to climb the wall in one of the stores there. We had a fun time, and it broke the trip up a bit for the kids. We also had some ice cream to cool us off.

More Golf, Ye Land Lovers...

On our way back home, we stopped at the Pirates Cove for golf again, this time in Traverse City. The one in TC has a lot more to offer that we'll explore next trip, but we had fun just golfing this time around. The kids did great, with Lily getting three 'hole-in-one's' and Trevor getting two. Brian was just all over the place, but still had a fun time. This is better than the one in Petosky, but that is a better break on the road. I'm still way behind on this stuff, so bare with me.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Star Wars Night: The Sequel

I'm way behind on my blogging, but here's the pics from Star Wars Night at the Whitecaps game earlier this month. We had a great time, and brought Brian with us again so he could see the characters. He was a little intimidated by Darth Vader, but got in the pics with the rest of the guys. This is Trevor's favorite night for sure. The weather was beautiful, and the Whitecaps got a big win. The night was capped off with fireworks to the Star Wars theme. More pics and story at my other site M.I.B.:

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Life's A Beach

Continuing our trip down state, our next stop was Traverse City for a Beach Bums game. We had a fun time, and the kids got to spend some more time with their Papa. The Beach Bums won big, and so did the kids. They were able to play in the park at the stadium, and get some ice cream for dessert. Another fun ballgame, and we look forward to Star Wars night at the Whitecaps this coming weekend.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Golfing Pirates

Last week while heading down state, we decided to

break out trip up with a little mini-golf. We stopped at the Pirates Cove in Petosky for some fun. Lily, Trevor, and I stopped here a few years ago on our way home, but this was Brian's first time here. He loved the shark and the pirate ships. I think he just wanted to explore more than actually play the game. Trevor had three hole-in-one's, and Lily had two of them. They were really playing well, and Trevor won a free game. We might stop by the one in TC on our trip this week.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Play Ball, Lily

Lily is getting in on the action, too, starting her games this week. She's playing for Elk's Lodge, and is sporting #6 on her back this season. She's played various positions, such as first base, catcher, outfield, and even second base like her old man, here. She seems to be having a lot of fun and is hitting the ball very well. I think the coaches keep score, but it's really not important and don't even tell the players. Coaching goes on all through the game, is skill development and fun are stressed. I like this softball league that she's in now. Little League was great for her, but it was time she played in a league with all girls, and the coaches are high school players. No game on Monday due to the 4th, but a practice for her on Wed.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Wolverines Break Into Win Column!

Trevor's soccer team broke into the win column on Monday, winning 5-3. Trevor had a good game on defense, and made some good plays. He's really kicking the heck out of the ball. He had to miss the game on Wed., because we had to go downstate, but will be in action next week with a practice. No game this coming Monday because of Independence Day.