Saturday, April 27, 2013

Loons Game #2

The second Loons game was just as fun! The Loons won 2-1, so a little more offense in this one. The boys were able to get a game ball and get their pic taken with both mascots. Lily kept warm by spending some time in the gift shop! Brian also spent some more time on the playground, and all the kids enjoyed some ice cream on a cold day. Also, after the game Brian ran the bases!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Loons Game #1

Here are some pics from our first baseball game of the season. We headed down to Midland, to watch a double-header with the Great Lakes Loons against the Lake County Captains. I was a little cold, but we were ok in the sun. The Loons won 1-0 with a walk-off in the seventh. The kids loved playing on the park and interacting with the mascots, Lou E. Loon and Rall E. Camel.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Pizza And A Dance

Last Thursday Brian had a pizza party at Lincoln School for his pre-school. They all put on a fun show, and each class sang a couple of songs and did a little dance with it. Brian did get a great job, and was a complete ham up on the stage. He's so frackin' cute..

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Science Center Makes Impression On Kids


Also while in Lansing, we took a trip to the Impression 5 Science Center. This is a hands-on way for kids to build, experiment, and see how things work in science and nature. They really could have stayed there all day, with all there was to do. Lily being inside a bubble, Brian loved being inside a giant eyeball and playing in the water area, while Trevor experimented all over the place. I'm hoping the we have time to go here again next time we're in town.

Old,er Olds, Cars

While in Lansing we visited the R.E. Olds museum, also. Lansing was where they produced the Oldsmobile cars for such a long time under GM. The Lugnuts ballpark was originally called Oldsmobile Park. Papa really loved the museum, and the boys liked seeing all of the cool cars.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Capitol Tour

While in Lansing, we didn't hang our heads because the ballgame was cancelled. We found some fun things to do, and visiting Michigan's state capitol was one of them. They gave us a great tour, and we all really learned a lot from the experience. Lily and Trevor have been studying some government in school, so it was fun for them to see how their knowledge is applied. It's a beautiful building in itself, with so much rich history of our state.