Monday, October 27, 2008

More Hockey For The Amigos

I felt brave and packed up all three kids for the Laker game on Sunday afternoon. All three kids were actually very good, and we had a great time watching hockey. This was only Brian's second game, but that didn't stop him from taking everything in. He didn't even really get scared when the Lakers scored and the horn went off. Top picture is of Lily and Trevor doing the 'chuck-a-puck' thing during the second period. I don't think we'll bring Brian to all of the games, but he'll get his share in this season. Lily and Trevor are just happy to be going to the games again.
The Lakers won 7-3, and won Saturday 7-0. Here's my article off of the MiCHO site:

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oh, Canada

With so few nice days left up here for us to enjoy, Lisa and I packed the kids up and headed to Canada for the day. A lot of really nice color and weather was perfect for us to play outdoors. We ended up in Gros Cap just west of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. As you can see by all of the gratuitous pics of the fam, we all had a great time. Just east of the Sault (I had us going in the wrong direction on purpose, to see more of the sights), we were able to see a lot of the mountains and rivers around the indian reservation and stuff. Lisa and I want to get back up there by ourselves sometime to get some hiking or rock climbing in.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

First NCAA Football Game Fun For Kids

Lily and Trevor enjoyed their first taste of NCAA Football this past weekend when they went to Mt. Pleasant to watch the Central Michigan Chippewas take on the Temple Owls. Papa has season tickets so we had no problem getting good seats for the event. Brought up on hockey and baseball, they really didn't know what to think of football at first, but ended up having a really good time after awhile. They liked the band and the half-time show. Lily, now being a cheer leader herself, like watching the college kids perform. After the game we got to go on the field and get some pictures. All in all, they had a fun day with Papa and Nana. We'll plan on getting them to another game next year, too. Oh, yeah, CMU won the game 24-14 which made it a bit more fun.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Laker Blue/White Game

The Laker Hockey season kicked off tonight with the annual Blue/White game. The kids were pretty excited, as we always have so much fun watching hockey together. We were happy that the Blue team won 3-1, as our friend Nathan was on that team. We got to spend some time with his parents before the game as they were up from Cadillac, too. We'll be missing the home opener next weekend, though, as we'll be down in Mt. Pleasant watching the Central Michigan football game. This will be the kids first football game so they're pretty excited about that. Stay tuned.

ESPN Tailgate Party

Tonight was the ESPN Tailgate party at LSSU before the annual Blue/White game. This wasn't as glamorous as the commercials made it out to be, but everything was free and the kids and I did have a good time. They got to run some obstacle courses and throw the football around. We also got some free hot dogs and drinks. That's always good when you've got kids. Running the course, Trevor looks like he could be a fullback, and Lily was throwing the ball really well. She seems to be a natural at everything she tries.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Skater Boy

Yes, Trevor has decided to take up skateboarding. He got a skateboard from Santa last Christmas, and we've been working with it a bit this summer. I guess I'll have to get one, too, and show him some 'sick tricks' I used to do when I was a punk kid. Hopefully, this doesn't put me in the hospital. Pictured is Trevor sporting his Tony Hawk gear (exclusively at Kohl's) and is board. More to come this weekend, to stay tuned.