Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Falcons Take Second

Trevor's basketball team played well over the weekend, but came up just short in the championship game. They played the semi-final on Saturday, and came from behind to earn the win by just one point over Soo Township!!! Trevor played very good defense and made some great passes. The championship game was on Monday night, but the Falcons just couldn't keep up with the undefeated Washington team. The team played a hard and clean game, and I am very proud of all of them. They all plan on working hard and coming back next year to win it all...

Last Lakers Game

The LSSU Lakers bowed out in the first round of the CCHA Playoffs over the weekend. Lucky for us, I guess, we went to Friday night's game that they won 3-0. Papa was up to visit, too, to watch some hockey and see Trevor play basketball. Still fun, but just thought the Lakers would put up more of an effort losing 6-3 on Saturday, and 7-0 on Sunday. Now the CCHA is gone, and good riddance, as the officiating is the worse in college hockey.Next season the Lakers will be in the WCHA.

More Softball For Lily

Lily continued her softball tryouts over the weekend. She did pretty well, and we went to the SAC a little early and did a practice of our own. We have some hitting we have to work on, but her glove work is getting much better. I know she'd have a lot of fun on the travel team.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Softball Tryouts

Lily had her first softball tryout over the weekend. She did pretty well, and I'm confident that she'll make the team. They get to travel to places like Charleviox and Traverse City if she makes it. This weekend we'll go early, and I'll help her and her friend Julia get ready.

The Split

Trevor's basketball team earned another split over the weekend.The Lincoln Falcons beat Soo Township in the first game, then dropped the second one to Washington. The playoffs start this weekend, with Lincoln facing Soo Township again, then if they win they play the winner of the Washington/Bewhating on Monday night! Best off luck to Trevor and his team, as they've played very well the last few weeks.