Monday, September 14, 2009

First Hockey Game of 09-10

Saturday the kids and I put on our short sleeves and shorts and rode bikes to the hockey game. No, this we didn't go watch the Florida Panther, the Tampa Bay Lighting, or even the teams in Texas or Phoenix (yes, they have NHL hockey their thanks to the dwarf Bettman).

We just went two blocks north to the legendary Pullar Arena to watch the Soo Eagles take on the Marquette Rangers in an exhibition game to kick off the 2009 hockey season. The Eagles didn't fare too well, but we had fun anyway.

Brian got to watch some hockey, too. He won't be going to too many game this season, as he's a little too rambunctious and is always running around in the stands and getting into mischief.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Last Game of the Season

Finishing up our last fun weekend, we hit the Traverse City Beach Bums game. We had a good time, but a long ride home after the game. It was Brian's second baseball game, but the kids spent more time on the playground than they did watching the game. Papa and I had a chance to watch for a bit and had fun. The kids got free baseballs at the gate and got some autographs before the game.

Wet and Wild Weekend

Here we go with another 'the last weekend of the summer before school lets out' type weekend. We headed down to Cadillac to visit Nana and Papa because I, luckily, had the weekend off.
Friday we finished up some school shopping and went to Adventure Island on the west side. This year the kids went of the go-carts and the water slide. I had to drive both Lily and Trevor, and Brian stayed with Papa. Brian liked to watch the go-carts zip around the track, though. He also got to play on the playground there while Lily and Trevor were at the water slide. They had a good time and want to do that again next year. It's part of their birthday present, too, as Trevor turned 7 on the 30th, and Lily turns 8 on the 8th.