Monday, September 26, 2011

More Bowling and Football

Lately our Saturdays have consisted of nothing more than Lily bowling and Trevor's football practice. Lily is really doing a lot better, and is adjusting to life without the 'bumpers' on each side. Last weekend, her top score was 29, this past weekend she ended up with a 62 in her last game. Great job Lily, with two strikes in that game, too. She is so awesome! Trevor is doing well at football, also. He will be the starting center on his team, which is now named the Lions. They got their jerseys with Saturday and he'll be wearing number 14. Next weekend, more of the same, and hoping for some nice weather. Papa and Nana are making plans to come up on Oct. 8, so the kids are excited that they'll be watching them then. I've been trying to attach a video of Lily bowling, but it won't upload for some reason. I'll try to post another pic of her, then.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Laker Hockey Picnic

The Lakers kicked off the season hosting a picnic at Sherman Park, so fans could mingle with the team members and meet the rookies. The kids had a good meal of hot dogs, brats, and watermelon. There were some kid games, but the dunk tank is where we spent most of our time. Lily even took a turn getting wet to give some of the freshman a break. The kids showed off their throwing arms dunking the players, too. Even Brian really liked this, as he's a natural at throwing things. The Lakers have a blue-gold game on Oct. 8, and thier first home game is on the 14th.

First Football Practice

Flag football practice also started on Saturday, so we were pretty busy. It was a hot day, and the boys worked really hard. They ran a lot, and were run through drills that covered all of the positions. It looks like Trevor will be a lime man again this year, but he's good at it. Lily, Brian, and I kept cool in the shade, but we all got burned a little. This is the start of some busy days for us, with bowling and football all on the same day. Their game this year is on October 15, and you can bet we'll be there cheering him on.

First Day of Bowling League

Lily joined the local bowling league this year, and this is her first taste of competition. The first day was a little crazy, but we got through it and she had a fun time. She has a rough time adjusting to bowling without the 'bumpers' on the sides, but has some nice throws. In practice, she threw a real strike, too. He scores were 24, 16, and 17 for the three games she bowled. With the instruction she's getting, I'm better her scores improve by the end of the year. She will also be getting a team uniform, also, in the coming weeks. It's seems like a good league sanctioned by the USBC. It will be rough on me every Saturday coming here after work, but it's worth it for Lily. If she does well, I hope she sticks with it.

Friday Night Lights

I've lived up here for he better part of eighteen years, and it may be hard to believe I've only been to one high school football game. That was about 12 years ago, when the Blue Devil were in the same league as Cadillac, and hosted the Vikings. I decided it was time to take in another game, and the kids were right there with me. They had a fun time, but spent most of the game socializing with their friends. That's what these games are to them, though, a social gathering, and I remember doing the same thing during my elementary school days in Gull Lake and Cadillac. Even Brian was pretty good, lasting three quarters of the game. Trevor got into a little trouble for taking pictures of the cheerleaders with his phone, but, hey, he's a guy, too, I guess. I hope we can get another game in, and I maybe even make it back to Central Michigan for a game this fall.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Labor Day Hockey Tourney

This season we were able to get our hockey fix early, with the Soo Eagles hosting a Labor Day Tournament. The Eagles welcomed the Soo Thunderbirds, Blind River Beavers, and the Sudbury Cubs from their league, the NOJHL. They also had the Traverse City North Stars from the NAHL and the Wellington Dukes from the OJHL. The North Stars were the best team in the tournament, but that's probably because they have former Lakers guiding them (Anthony Palumbo GM, Mike Matteucci associate head coach). Not a bad deal, though, as $20 each got us into all the games over the weekend. We were able to see every team play at least once, and I was even able to enjoy a beer or two. Good to see hockey again, and can't wait for the Lakers to start in October.

Goin' To The Fair

For the first time in a couple of years, we finally made it to the Chippewa County Fair. Brian was just a baby his first time, so this was a real thrill for him. He really like checking out all of the animals and going on his rides. Lily did some rides also, and Trevor played some of the games. The batteries in the camera died, so I really didn't get a whole lot of pics. I have some on my phone I'll try to upload later, but here's a few, mostly of Brian. This wasn't on purpose, it's just that his rides were at the front, so we did most of those first.

Birthday Bowling

Trevor wanted to go bowling again for this birthday, just like he did a few years ago. This time we brought along Trevor best friend Alec, and Lily's best friend Lilly (no, that's not a type-o). The kids had fun, and even Brian got to bowl a game. Lily is really liking bowling, and is joining a league this winter. More fun for the Amigos.


After spending a few days down in Cadillac with Papa, we got Trevor back when we picked him up in St. Ignace. Lily and Trevor might fight a lot, but it was pretty obvious that they missed each other. This is probably the longest they've been apart since Trevor was born. They played in Lake Michigan and Brian liked to watch the boats going over to Mackinac Island. The kids also celebrated their birthdays with Papa and Nana also, so they liked that. Fun day with summer coming to an end.