Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Laker Softball Banquet

The kids and I attended this years annual softball banquet to help the girls raise money for their trip to Florida. Because of low funding from the school, they need to raise all the money they can. Being up here in Sault Ste. Marie, a good portion of their schedule is played in Florida over Spring Break. They usually only have one home series in late April, and even then the weather is too nasty for the kids and I to attend.

Brian was a little stinker this year at the dinner, though, as he's in his terrible two's and loves to throw food all over the place. He definitely didn't disappoint this weekend either. Lily felt good that some of the players recognized her and called her by name. She made quite the impression on them during the softball clinic in December. Trevor seemed a little shy this year, but he usually steals the show at events like this because of his sense of humor. We didn't stay real long because of Brian, but still had a good time and got to eat some good burgers and hot dogs.

Totally Tube-ular

While Lisa was living it up in sunny Florida, we spent some time on the sledding hill at Minneapolis Woods here in the Soo. It was the second tubing party put on by our friends over at Canada Customs, and we had another great time. This kids and I had a blast racing down the hill in our inner-tubes and enjoying the free pizza. I tried to get the best pics I could down the hill with a disposable camera. It actually flew out of my pocket a few times, so I'm glad we didn't take one of our good ones. It ended on a sour note, unfortunately, as Trevor crashed into Lily's tube at the bottom of the biggest hill. He went air born and landed right on his head. He's alright, though, thank God, and we still have some good memories other than that.

Sunshine Girl

Lisa was lucky enough to take a trip to Florida for a few days earlier this month. The weather was a little cool down there, but at least she didn't have to put up with any snow. She had a pretty good time and was able to collect some nice sea shells at some beaches. Her and Lily have big plans for some crafts with those. Already she has made a picture frame and Lily has made some bracelets. Can't wait to see what they'll come up with next, and I'm glad Lisa had a chance to get away for a bit and enjoy herself. Too bad it couldn't have been warmer for her, it seems we bring the cold with us when we travel (see-our trip to Alabama).

Friday, February 5, 2010

2010 Winter Fun Day

Winter Fun Day -Feb 4th
Thursday February 4th will be
Winter Fun Day at the Big Bear.
Today was Winter Fun Day for Lincoln school. Finally being on the midnight shift, I was able to enjoy this day with Lily and Trevor. After working all night, I met up with thier classes at the Big Bear Arena, where they had lots of fun activities lined up for us. I spent most of the morning with Lily, as I already went on a field trip with Trevor and had to keep things even.
I started off with Lily's 2nd grade class in the smaller gym where we played a game called 'protect the pin'. We each got a hockey stick and a bowling pin, and had to prevent our pin from beong knocked over by all of the tennis balls being knocked around. It really was a fun game and easy to get caught up in.
Our next stop was to play Bingo. I was able to catch up with Trevor and his class here before Lily's came in to play. He was having a lot of fun and won a harmonica. Lily finally got a 'bingo' herself, on the very last game we played. She was getting a little frustrated before that as she was getting so close.
Next on our agenda we headed to the bigger gym to play some games. The kids really liked this as they had some of the big blow up bouncy things that they like to play in. I spent most of the time at the baseball toss, helping the kids with that. I like teaching kids how to play baseball. I played some other games with Lily, too, like tic-tac-toe and ring-toss. There wasn't really enough time to get to everything, but it tired the kids out just a little bit.
After lunch it was time to lace up the skates and hit the ice for the afternoon. Lily and Trevor were on separate rinks, so I did a lot of running back and forth to spend some time with each of them. Even though I hadn't skated for a couple of years, I wasn't worried since I've been skating my whole life. So.. I jumped on the ice and fell right on my ass. Apparently when your skates aren't used, they rust up a bit and dig into the ice. After I scraped the rust of my skates (and my legs) I was good to go. Lily and Trevor did a good job of skating, too, despite the fact that they haven't been this year. I was glad I got to share this experience with them. They were really happy that I could be there with them, and can't wait until next year.

Lily Earns Another Stripe

Wednesday night Lily earned another yellow stripe on her white belt in Kuk Sool Won. This is just another step in her earning her yellow belt. She is still doing really well in this and is having a lot of fun. Her Master seems to really like her and is impressed with her progress as well. Posted is a pic of her class courtesy of Lisa's phone again. We got a new camera, but our new computer isn't reading the chips now. Seems we can't win. I'll post more pics if we can get it working.