Thursday, January 20, 2011

Laker Luck Runs Out

Our lucky Laker streak ran out on Friday, as we watched the hockey team lose to Michigan State 4-0. We didn't have Brian with us this time, so maybe he's the lucky one. He'll be with us this weekend when they play Western. None of us was feeling well, and Trevor ended up sleeping through half of the game. Both of the kids ended up having an ear infection, but will be in top shape for this weekends games. Papa and Nana were up visiting, too, to take in their first Laker hockey game of the season.

Brian Turns Three, Already

It seems like just yesterday I was on here blogging about bringing home our third child. Apparently, it's been three years as Brian celebrated his birthday last week on the 11th. The picture of him three years ago saw us bringing him home in his Whitecaps jersey, and as you can see, he's still a fan. In fact, he will be making his first appearance at a 'Caps game this summer. He already makes it to most of the Laker games, and has fun watching the hockey. He'll be ready for t-ball next summer.