Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Star Wars Night at the Ballpark

Star Wars night at the Whitecaps game was something we'll never forget. The kids loved meeting all of the characters from the movies. They even had to watch them down state and back again. The game was a bust, as the 'Caps lost, bust still a fun time to be together.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Rain Out In BC

So much for the kids first game in Battle Creek. It only rained for a little while, but it poured so much it flooded the field at C.O. Brown Stadium, that the game had to be canceled. I was pretty disappointed in missing a ball game, and my chance to throw out the first pitch. The Bombers were great about it, though, still giving me my birthday cake and a signed ball by the team. Maybe next year we can get this to work. The kids still had a good time travelling and seeing some family.

Gilmore Car Museum

Down visiting family in Battle Creek, Papa and Nana treated us to the Gilmore car museum. Lot of old classic cars, muscle cars, and race cars for us to feast our eyes on. The kids had fun getting into the old firetruck and seeing the old gas station. Trevor gets into this stuff a little more than Lily, but she's a trooper and had some fun, too.

Busy Week of Baseball

Busy last week with two games going down. The kids are adapting pretty well to the rules, strikes, outs, and so on. Monday's game we dropped 8-5. As a team we did a little better, but still striking out too much and leaving men on base. Trevor went 1-3 with a nice hit, and Lily went 2-4. Both were swinging the bat really well. Lily is making some nice plays in the field, too. Wednesday we went down by the score of 16-8. Not much defense for us, as the other team scored four runs in every inning. We hit better, but still striking out. Trevor went 1-3 again, but really hit the ball hard his last time at bat that hit a kid and landed in another kids glove right behind him. He tagged first, but I kept telling him what a great job of hitting he did. He made a really nice play in the field, too. Lily didn't feel well, so she went 0-2 at the plate and missed an inning in the field. She tried her best, though, and give her credit for being a trooper. Last games coming up this week, so sad for us.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Legion Baseball

Between Little League games and our monthly Minor Legue adventure, the Amigos have been enjoying the local American Legion baseball team, the E.U.P. Travelers. The Travelers are comprised of the best players in the are from ages 15-19. They consist of players from Sault High, Rudyard, and Pickford/Cedarville. Yesterday they beat the Gaylord team before the rain started. The kids can play in the grass by the bleachers if they don't really want to watch the game, and I get to relax a bit. Too bad we didn't go to more games at the beginning of the summer, but it gives us something to look forward to. Next weekend is the trip downstate to ballgames in Battle Creek and the Whitecaps in GR.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

'Almost' Like Real Baseball...

Well, Monday we had a real good practice as a team. Only six kids showed, but, hey, it's late in the season and it's only a practice, right? We did need to get ready for Wednesday, which was our first 'real' type game. All the players were so excited...that only FOUR showed up. Yep, we played 4-on-9, and lost 10-1. Lily did well at the plate, going 2-3 including a triple in the second. Trevor went 1-3, but had the RBI single that drove Lily home from 3rd for our only run. In the field, Lily played first, and I put Trevor at the 'hot corner'. Both made some good plays, and kept the ball in front of them. Before the game, a league official asked how my attendance had been. I told him we've had nine consistently. I know my assistant coach was out of town with his son, and another had a tooth out, so I was aware we'd be a couple short...but only four? Oh, and the other team had four coaches, too. One at first and third while they were hitting and one even helped us out catching. The kids that showed really work hard and were given double snacks after the game. Hope next week we have a better turn out.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Beatin' The Heat With Baseball

Rough week up here in the Sault, as the temps were reaching the upper 80's. Hard to get the kids motivated, but we're trying our best anyway on the baseball field. Lily and Trevor complain, but in actuality have played their best ball of the summer this week. Both kids had two great hits in Monday's game. Each of them hit a liner over third base, which are solid hits. We only had a handful of players since it was the day after the 4th, so each player got to bat around three times. Wednesday, I must have had a target on me, as Trevor hit a shot right at me on the mound, and Lily hit one right up by me, too. In the field both did well. Trevor is fielding the ball nicely, but just has to work on his throwing accuracy. Lily keeps impressing everyone with her all around play. Not too many games left, and next week we'll start playing with stricter rules and outs. It will be harder for them, but they both hit the ball within the first few swings, so I hope it goes well.
Also this week, we had the 4th parade again and took Brian to the park. He was more interested in running around on the baseball field next to it than playing on the swings and stuff. That's my boy. Left is just a gratuitous pic of Lisa just to get her on the site a bit...cute pic though...

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lily and Trevor Play Ball

Papa and Nana made the trip from Cadillac to watch the kids play ball this week. Neither kid disappointed, either, and played a great game.
Trevor played catcher again, and Lily played a couple of different positions on the infield. Both hit the ball well in their at bats. It also gave me the chance to have someone else take some pictures, as it's hard to do that and coach at the same time. Papa took some great pics for us this week. We have the 4th of July parade this weekend we're looking forward to and games next week.