Monday, August 30, 2010

Eagles Kick Off 2010-11 Hockey Season

We kicked off our hockey season this year again with the Soo Eagles. The held a pair of exhibition games over the weekend against the Flint Jr. Generals. I felt good to be back at the rink, and the cool air felt nice inside as it was pretty hot out both days. Lily and Trevor got to play with their friend Sydney, who we've seen at many Laker and Eagle game. She moved to Cheboygan, so Trevor won't have her in class anymore. The hockey games will probably be the only time they'll all get to see each other. Brian had a good time also, peeking out onto the ice and admiring the Zamboni when it passed. We're glad the Eagles are around, too, since the Lakers don't start until October. This also starts a busy week for us including a baseball and football game later in the week.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Emotional Week of Baseball

The last week of baseball season is always a bit emotional for me. The kids don't worry about it too much, but for me this is bitter sweet. This season was my last opportunity to coach Lily and Trevor on the same team. Lily will move on up to girls softball next season. She proved she can play with the boys, but has been the only girl in the division the last two seasons. Trevor thinks he wants to play soccer again. All his friends play soccer, so it's a tough decision for him. I'll try to bribe him next year with a new glove, though. We lost both of our last games, but had fun and saw some improvement. Lily ended the year in kind of a slump, was still able to get a couple of hits. Trevor ended the season on a tear, going 4-5 the last two games and making some nice plays in the field. If I coach next year, it will probably be an assistant on Lily's team, and two more years before Brian is ready to go. Speaking of Brian, he really wanted to be part of Little League Fun Day last Friday. Lily and Trevor got to hit some, and test their throwing speed. They wouldn't let Brian hit, but let him pitch off of the mound and run the bases.