Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lily Learns from Lady Lakers

Lily had fun today at the Lake Superior State's Winter Softball Clinic. Lily attended all day on Tuesday, having a pizza party for lunch.
The clinic helped the girls with thier throwing, fielding, and hitting. The older girls were able to touch on pitching and base-running.
I was able to watch Lily in the batting cage where she proved her superiority. I was beaming with pride after watching her pound line drives back over the pitcher's head. The above video doesn't really do her justice as to how well she was stroking the ball. She's used to hitting a baseball, so seeing a softball thrown at her must have seemed huge.
We'll be heading back to the college as usual this winter with Trevor in tow, working on some baseball skills and having some fun. They did get to play around for awhile after it was over.