Sunday, August 24, 2008

Adventure Island Fun

Another fun day for us, but the rain finally came to ruin our fun. Before that, though, we were able to get in some go-cart racing and bumper-boating. The kids really liked the go-carts, but they weren't old enough to drive themselves. I drove Lily around and a worker drove with Trevor. I proved my superior driving skills by leaving the kid in the dust on my way to victory.
They both really liked the bumper-boats, too. Lily was a little more aggressive, blasting her brother whenever she had a chance. The rain came just after that to ruin our plans for putt-putt golf. We still had a great time and the kids got to spend more time with Nana and Papa in Cadillac. We'll get some more putt-putt in before the summer's end.

Brian's First Ballgame

What a fun weekend we had, and kicked it off by taking Brian to his first pro baseball game. We watched the Traverse City Beach Bums take on the Southern Illinois Minors. I think Bums got beat in the end, but we had such a good time it didn't matter. We spread out some blankets in the outfield and watched the game from there. This was a lot more comfortable for Brian, and Lily and Trevor enjoyed the playground they had in the ballpark, too. It really is a fan and family oriented place to watch a game. There will be a lot more game in the future for the 'Four Amigos'.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Working It

Just trying to work Brian into the website a little more. Here he is getting ready for hockey season (toughening up), getting ready to crawl up top. And right, well, he's just being a Momma's boy. Nothing wrong with that I guess.
He should be crawling very soon. He's up on his hands and knees, but
doesn't really know what to do from there yet. He can still pretty much get anywhere he wants to go either by 'scooching' himself or rolling. He's over seven months old now, but a big boy wearing 12 mo. clothes.
He'll be going to his first baseball game this weekend, as we're taking him to Traverse City to watch the Beach Bums.
He's such a good baby, but soon we'll have our hands full when he starts crawling even walking around. Time to stock up on the baby gates again.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Good Night For Racing

Friday night I decided to take Lily and Trevor to the races in Kinross. We'd never been there before, so we didn't know really what to expect. We ended up having a great time as it was 'Kids Night'. They got free ice cream and were able to take a couple of laps around the track in one of the race cars. Trevor was a little upset he didn't win a free bike in the raffle, but other than that, he loved watching the cars go around. I can't stand nascar, but it's fun to watch the local guys down there. Maybe taking them again next week, and this time I won't forget the camera. Lily and Trevor in a race car would have made a great pic. Here's the official website: