Thursday, June 26, 2008

Full Week Of Baseball

For the first time this season, we actually got two games in one week. Tuesday we had eight players show up, but still had a good time. Trevor was our lead-off hitter, and Lily was last so she hit a 'home run' in her two turns at bat. Trevor had two solid hits, too. In the field they both were able to make some good plays. They're starting to learn to just get in front of the ball and knock it down.

On Thursday, we had seven in the line-up. Eight showed up, but left during the game. Not sure why, but it's the first time he's been here since the first game. Trevor got his first 'homer', too, as he was our last batter. Lily had a little trouble hitting tonight, but we adjusted the tee and she did all right. Trevor hit the tar out of the ball, though. In the field Lily was all over the place, while Trevor took post by second base. Not much action out that way, but as long as they have fun. Next week we have team pictures and will play the day before the fourth.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Getting An Early Start

We're getting Brian ready for baseball pretty early. He looks like a natural to me. Actually, just looking for an excuse to get the baby some time on the website. Brian's a very happy baby and loves playing with his brother and sister. When the weather warms up, he'll be cheering them on in Little League. Enjoy the video.

Play Ball!!!-Finally!!!

After almost two full weeks of rain-outs, we finally got to play another Little League game. Left is a pic of Lily and Trevor with some of our other teammates. The team was pumped, and played great baseball. Lily and Trevor both hit the ball very well. They both had two line drives up the middle. In the field, Trevor played first base in the first inning and did well. In the second, he was able to field some ground balls, too. Lily got on grounder, but didn't have much else hit her way.
Nana and Papa made the trip from Cadillac to watch the grandkids play. They also got to play catch with Papa for awhile at the park, too. Madison's mom brought snacks this week of grapes and juice. All around fun night. I hope the weather holds up next week, too, so we can get more of the games in.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Opening Day For Little League

It was opening day for Sault Little League, and the kids and I had a great time. The uniforms were to us by game one, whereas last season they played a few games before they came in. Lily is an old pro, and hit the ball well. She also had a few nice plays in the infield. The first inning she played first base, so she got a lot of action there. Trevor is the rookie, but he hit the ball hard, too. In the infield, he and Kade were more interested in burying something on the pitchers mound than the ball, but he still did great and had fun. Being able to coach my kids in baseball is like a dream come true for me. I expect this to be a great summer because of this. We have another game Thurs. at 6:30 if it doesn't rain.