Saturday, November 21, 2009

We're Thankful For Hockey

Papa and Nana came to visit from Cadillac this weekend for an early Thanksgiving. Tomorrow we'll be up to our eyeballs in turkey and stuffing. Tonight, though, we're thankful for hockey and the chance to be together. The game sucked, as the Lakers blew a two goal lead to lose in overtime. The kids and I still had fun, though, and Papa keeps spoiling them rotten.
We'll be heading down to Cadillac next weekend to visit more family down that way. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday. We'll be back at a game soon, I hope.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Trevor Gets Blue Ribbon in Cub Scouts

Trevor got a blue ribbon for his 'Genius Kit' entry last night at the Cub Scouts pack meeting. The kit contains basically garbage, paper, and 'odds & ends' that the kids have to create something out of. Trevor picked the 'space' theme, and we made an alien and his ufo landing in the woods. Everyone in the family pitched in and helped with this (except Brian, who does more 'destruction' than 'construction'). Cub Scouts is new to us, so we're just getting into the type of activities we'll be doing. I can't wait until the car derby race thing when we make our own little car. I might get a tad competitive on that one. That month Trevor won 3rd place for his 'space cake' that Lisa helped him make. He doesn't really care where he places, he just has fun with whatever he's doing and is happy to get something. He's a great kid, and I think Cub Scout will bring out a lot of his positive attributes.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lily Earns Stripe In Kuk Sool Won

Lily passed her testing in her Kuk Sool Won class to earn a yellow stripe on her belt.

This is just a small step for her, as I anticipate we'll have many more memories like this in the future. It was really a nice ceremony as they honored all in the class that moved up. Afterwards they provided a pizza party which Trevor and I really enjoyed.

Lisa and I are so proud of all of the hard work Lily has put into this. This is good for her self-esteem as she continues to impress. Most importantly, though, is that she is having a lot of fun. Her master is very nice and patient with all of the kids in the class. Expect many more pictures of Lily in the future.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Vetrans Honored at Hockey Game

This is not the way you want to see a local 23 yr-old soldier come home. Specialist Brandon Steffey was killed over in Afghanistan by an enemy IUD. He was honored at the Soo Eagles game on Saturday. Also in attendance was the National Guard unit that will be departing for Iraq in a week or so. It was a sad way to spend the weekend, but makes me thankful for all that I have and that I have the opportunity to spend this time with my kids while our armed forces make these sacrifices.
As far as the game goes, we did have a good time. The Eagles got spanked 5-2, but Trevor got a game puck so all was good (it actually hit him in the leg). They also got to play with their friend Sydney again, which is becoming a good habit for them.
Pictured is the National Guard, the banner honoring Steffey, and the kids with the game puck. The Lakers are in town the weekend of the 20th, so we'll try to make that game.