Monday, October 24, 2011

Lakers Split With Falcons

We enjoyed another weekend of Laker Hockey, with the Lakers losing 1-0 on Friday, and winning 4-1 on Saturday. The weather was nice, so the kids were able to 'high-five' the team after Saturday's game and watch them ring the victory bell. It was just the Amigos this week, as the kids didn't have any friends at the game this time. Next weekend they'll be on the road at Miami, but back in two weeks when Bemidji State visits.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Varsity Blues

Trevor finally played his football game on Saturday, and he did a great job. His team, the Lions, won 14-8, and he played well and had a fun time. The weather couldn't have been more perfect for football, as it was 50 degrees and sunny. Trevor was effective as the starting center, but his team couldn't produce much offense. On defense, he did a great job and made a few 'tackles' Brian was a little reckless, but enjoyed seeing his brother on the field. After the game, Trevor got to hang with his team, and his opponents, for pizza and pop. Next year on to tackle!

Lily Still Knocking 'Em Down

Lily is still doing a great job in her bowling league. She's a little discouraged because her score isn't improving a whole lot, though. Talking with some of the other parents, it looks like we'll have to get Lily her own bowling ball. Some of the other parents stated that the house balls usually pull to one side, throwing off her throw. I told her to keep trying and keep having fun, and things will fall into place for her. I'll get her her own ball within the next few weeks, and we'll see how her scores improve from there. Go, Lily!

Lakers Sweep Spartans Out Of The Sault

Before we headed to Sudbury to see Avril, we had a busy weekend on Friday and Saturday. Friday we went to the Lakers game, with Michigan State reportedly making their last trip to the Sault. The Lakers beat the Spartans 5-4 Friday, and 3-2 on Saturday. Really good games by the Lakers, and as a family we had a great time. Trevor hung out with his best friend Alec, and Lily and Kassidy buddied up and sat with us. Brian was pretty good, but their was a huge crowd, so we really had to keep an eye on him. Lakers host Bowling Green next weekend, so we'll be there for sure. Lily did a great job bowling on Saturday, too, but Trevor's game was postponed until next weekend.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Sunday we made the trip up to Sudbury to see the Avril Lavigne concert. It was me, Trevor, Lily, and their friend Lilly. We had a fun trip up, and the color was great. It was only $2 for parking, which was nice, and right across from the arena. We had pretty good seats, and the kids were able to bring home a t-shirt for souvenir. Avril put on a fantastic show, and I still can't believe that I actually saw her! The kids had a great time, and enjoyed the show, but got tired toward the end (11:00 pm!). If she decides to tour Michigan, or anywhere else close, it will be worth the trip to see her again! Next time, though, I'll have to sneak my good camera in, as my phone took really bad pics of the show, and doesn't indicate how close we really were.

Brian And The Whale

After a busy day of bowling and football, we still had the annual Lakers Blue/White game to look forward to. It's fun to watch the team play against each other, and they let us on the ice after the game to meet the team. Brian was a little upset that he couldn't go onto the ice BEFORE the game, so he showed his displeasure by throwing his toy whale onto the ice...Lucky no one was hurt, and he even got his toy back. We decided to watch the game from seats a little higher up, after that, and they gave us free pizza and popcorn toward the end. The Blue team won on a shoot-out, and we were on the ice. Brian still has fun skating around, and we were able to mingle with some of the team.

A Special Day For The Kids

Lily and Trevor had a fun time in bowling and football, respectively, last weekend when their Papa and Nana came up from Cadillac to watch them. Also making the trip was their Aunt Carol and Aunt Judy from Battle Creek. It was a beautiful day, and they had a nice up north. Lily did great in the morning, bowling a 57 for her second best score to date. She's really starting to catch on, and getting used to not having the 'bumpers' on the side. It usually takes her until the third game of the day to really get going. We're so proud of her, she is so amazing! In football, Trevor had a solid practice, and they scrimmaged a couple of the other teams to get ready for 'the game'. Papa and Nana got to see him play, as the scrimmages are very similar to the game itself. Trevor was getting picked on a bit, this kids trying to kick him and jump on him, but he stood his ground and never backed down. He never kicked back or threw a punch, though, and we're so proud of him! Of course, everyone got a kick out of Brian, too, who made his presence made all day.