Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday Night Lights

Trevor got his first taste of big time football on Saturday in the Sault Flag Football League. His team, the Wolfpack, played to a 24-24 tie in his debut. Too bad they on play one would be nice for them to at least play each of the other five teams once. The weather could be a factor in that, though, as it's getting pretty cold and nasty up here. Luckily he played in the first game of the night so we didn't get rained on. Trevor was the starting guard on offence and defence, making some good blocks for his team. He had a lot of fun with this and stated he wants to play again next season.

TNA Wrestling Hits Cadillac

Twenty plus years after I was watching the likes of the Ultimate Warrior, Andre the Giant, Jake 'The Snake' Roberts, and Demolition, I returned to the Wexford Civic Arena in Cadillac with the kids in tow to check out TNA Wrestling for the first time. The show certainly didn't disappoint, as we saw some great matches and got to meet some of the wrestlers as well. Before the show even started, the kids got autographs from the TNA Knockouts champ Madison Rayne and TNA X-Division champ Jay Lethal. Once the wrestling started...the kids were hooked. They loved all of the excitement and drama that comes with a good show. At the intermission we got to meet and get autographs from the Beautiful People Velvet Skye and Angelina Love also. Afterward, we were also able to get into the ring and get a picture taken with Rob Van Dam. I left that one in Cadillac, so I'll get that scanned and posted as soon as I can. For the second half of the show, the kids and I moved over by the rail so they could 'high-five' the wrestlers on their way to the ring. In all we saw: Rhino def. Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal def. Eric Young, Madison Rayne def. Velvet Skye, Motor City Machine Guns def. Generation Me, Abyss def. Sabu in a monster's ball match, and Rob Van Dam def. A.J. Styles. It was a really fun night for us, and we'll definitely go next time they are in town.

Lily Learns From Lakers

Lily started her softball clinics at Lake Superior State this week. The clinics are on Thursdays for only an hour, but Lily is having fun and learning a lot. The new head coach actually called the house and asked if she wanted to attend the clinics. Nice to see she's already getting collegiate attention. We'll be doing this until the week before Thanksgiving. I'm hoping to get some better picks in the coming weeks, too. Go Lily!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gettin' Game Ready

Trevor's football team the Wolfpack had another good practice Saturday afternoon. Trevor will be the staring guard when his team takes the field on Oct. 23 under the lights. The teams were able to do some scrimaging with each other today to get a feel for how the games will be played. Trevor did a good job of protecting his quarterback. The just have one practice left next weekend before its 'go time'.

Lakers vs. UMD Bulldogs

Finally the Lakers start their season, and they did so taking on Minn.-Duluth in the Superior Cup showdown. The game was exciting and tied 6-6. The kids and I had a great time, and Brian was very good and will probably come to most of the games with us. I really like it when we're all together anyway. Lily hogged the camera and can credit for the good pics of Brian. She's such a good big sister. She even took Trevor to the bathroom once during the game, too, so I could keep and eye on Brian. The kids kept busy with the coloring books, crayons, and toys, but took interest in the game as well. Brian didn't like how noisy it got in the arena when the Lakers scored, but he never cried. More games for the Amigos for sure.

Monday, October 4, 2010

More Football For T-Rex

More football practice on Saturday for Trevor. He wasn't a big fan of all the running, but they ran through some drills and actually split up into teams. Trevor is on the royal blue team and they ran through some plays together. It looks like he'll be playing guard and protecting his quarterback. The teams quarterback is really good, and Trevor said he's nice an helping him out some, too, which is good for the team. He said he's having fun and making friends which is the most important thing. Can't wait to see him play the game in the 23rd. Lily is my buddy, and she hangs out with me during the practices. We even play with some of the equipment, which we're probably not supposed to do, but nobody has gotten on us yet.