Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cool Cars & Cool Kids

This is becoming a tradition for the Amigos, for every June now, I think. Continuing with our busy weekend, we packed up and headed to St. Ignace for the day to check out the car show. Posted here are just a few of the great pictures we were able to get today. The kids got a chance to play at the park and in Lake Michigan for a bit, too. Brian even had fun checking things out. Trevor really enjoys this event, as he's a genuine 'car guy'. Seeing these really makes my miss my Firebird, though, and I can't wait to someday get another one (once we get out of debt, of course). Lily really enjoyed the 'purple' cars and the Volkswagen bugs.

Laker Alumni Hockey

Wow, a hockey game in June. It's a treat we'll be happy to accept at this time of the year. LSSU is inducting NHLers Doug Weight and Jim Dowd into it's Hall of Fame this weekend, and the festivities kicked off with an Alumni hockey game. Unfortunately, Weight and Dowd weren't at the game, but a lot of other players who played pro and won National Championships were on the ice. It was nice to see some of the guys I went to school with, too. The kids had fun and Brian was being his busy self as usual, but really got into the game. He was cheering and clapping with Lily and was up on the glass checking things out. Trevor helped keep tabs on his little brother, too. Any excuse for the Amigos to spend time together is a good thing anyway.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Kids' Team Dodges Rain Storm

Luck was on our side Wed. night, as we dodged a couple of rain storms to get our baseball game in. Papa and Nana were going to come visit and watch the kids, but thought it was going to rain. Hopefully they'll come up on Monday for the game. Lily and Trevor both did well at the plate. Lily got a hit on the first pitch, and had a good line drive toward third. Trevor hit a monster foul ball, but was able to get single on the next pitch. His second time up he hit a solid ball to first. In the field they are making some really good plays. Lily still gets frustrated when the person she's throwing to misses the ball, though. Busy the next few days with a hockey game on Fri., car show on Sat., and another game on Mon.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bumming Around TC

On our way home from Cadillac last weekend, we took a detour through Traverse City to check out the Beach Bums. We've hit at least one game here since they started playing ball in 2006. The kids have a good time in the park and we just enjoy watching the games together. Trevor was really tired out from camp, but still had a good time.
Not a lot of people, so we were able to move around a bit and the kids enjoyed meeting the mascots and getting ice cream. Our next game will either be in Battle Creek or seeing the Whitecaps in Grand Rapids on Star Wars night. Either way, you know it will be fun for us. I'd like to get Brian to a game, but he's just too busy being 2 right now...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Camp Torenta Reunion

This past weekend was our Camp Torenta reunion, a children's camp in Cadillac that I worked at for three summers. The feelings that I had during the weekend are almost indescribable, but I'll do my best. I've never had a supernatural experience, but I expect it would be like this. Walking through an empty camp, I could literally feel/see/hear all of the children running around playing and laughing. Memories came flooding back to me at every turn. Even my name is still inscribed in the cabin we stayed in from back in 1989. Walking into the camps lodge, I nearly lost my breath as I remembered all of the dances and activities taken place there. The lodge was always where the staff would meet after hours, too, to hang out and spend time together. The people I worked with there became a second family to me. To see and talk to everyone again was a great experience for me and my kids. Lily and Trevor had a great time at camp and I think I'll try to send them there in the next few years. It was great watching them participate in the activities I used to teach while working there. I think they may have another reunion in a couple of years, and I definitely will be going back. This is just one of those sacred places that will always represent some of the greatest moments of my life.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

More Little League Action

We had the late game on Monday and Wednesday practice was rained out. At least we got the game in, a full three innings to boot. All the kids seemed to have trouble hitting the first time around, but picked it up in the last two. Trevor had some really solid hits and Lily is back pounding the ball like her old self. She is really playing well in the field, too, making some great plays and throws. Trevor is getting better but needs to keep his body in front of the ball. Everyone is getting better each time, though, so that's all that really counts. We'll be missing Monday's game because we'll be out of town, but will be back for the second game Wends day.

Playing With Bri-Guy

Just a way of exploiting Brian's undeniable cuteness. This kid is great, and Lily and Trevor love playing with their little bro. Lily really takes a lot of pride in helping him and teaching him how to do things. She's a great big sister. Brian does pretty well at riding his bike, but his feet are just a tad short, so he can't always get around all the way. By end of the summer I'm sure he'll be unstoppable. Trevor is more likely to teach him how to get into trouble...boys for you. Can't say I wasn't the same (or worse) at that age.

Friday, June 4, 2010

'Orange' You Glad We're Playing Baseball?

Well, we finally got our uniforms this week for the 2010 season, and our three year lucky run of blue jerseys has come to an end. This year we Kinda makes me feel like I'm coaching in the California Penal League. Anyway, with Memorial Day on Monday, we just had our one game on Wed. Last weeks practice paid off as both kids hit the ball very well. Trevor had a monster hit and we finally got Lily hitting again after switching her bat. Lily also made some good plays at first base, which will probably be her position of choice as she gets older. We'll try to get to the park this weekend for some extra practice and maybe even get Brian involved, too. That kid likes baseball more than his siblings I think.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fly Fishing Jam

Ok, this isn't fly fishing, and we're not really jammin', but that's fine. The Amigos were so busy last summer we didn't even get a chance to go fishing once. Not wanting that to happen again, we picked the last day of school to get our first taste of fishing in. We headed down to the river but didn't have much luck. No problem there, either, as we had fun just being out there together and enjoying the weather. I like the fact that the water is as blue as the paint on the rails and pole. Superior truly is superior.