Saturday, July 28, 2007

Perfect Day For Putt-Putt

It was a perfect day here in Sault Ste. Marie for putt-putt gold, and Lily, Trevor, and I took advantage of it. As usual, we had a really fun time just hanging out together. I was absolutely awful, but the kids didn't do too bad. Lily sunk some nice puts, and Trever was, well, Trevor. Daddy just couldn't find the cup, either. We still had a great time and enjoyed some flav-or-ice afterwards. We're spending as much time together as possible before I leave for my four day baseball trip tomorrow.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Lily's Little League Season Concludes

Lily's baseball season has come to an end. It went by so fast, yet here we are. I can honestly say that I can't think of many things that have brought me more joy in my life than watching my daughter play ball. I am proud of her for trying it, and glad that she enjoyed herself so much. I also feel proud that I had such an influence on her playing. Again, I feel truly blessed.

Down to the game at hand. Lily completed the 2007 season on a good note both at the plate and in the field. She was able to get some balls hit to her and make some plays. She fought for a couple, too, which is good for her. I only saw two of her three plate appearances, but the ones I witnessed she did extremely well. Her first hit was a ground ball toward the third base side. Her second hit was a screaming line drive up the middle. I hear her third hit was solid as well. Most important, she had more fun playing with the other kids.
Cheering Lily on this week were Mommy and Daddy, Trevor, Grandma Nichols, and Uncle 'Muttley'. Grandma treated the kids to dinner at McDonalds after the game. Also, tonight was a 'fun night' at the ball field. I had to work and Lisa took the kids. They had fun, but nothing special going on so they went out for a picnic at Brady Park. A fun end to a fun season.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lily Scores Big In Baseball

The Sault Little League season is winding down, but Lily certainly is not. She gave another spectacular performance on Tuesday night. In the field, she was able to make plays on most of the balls hit to her. One was a 'ground ball with eyes' that saw it's way around her glove, though. She made good throws on her plays, too. At bat Lily continues to hit the ball well. She's hitting a lot of grounders, as the coach keeps the tee a little lower than Lily is used to. She's still making solid contact, though.
The usual crowd of Mommy, Daddy, Trevor, and Grandma Nichols were there to root on our #9. I had to leave a little early, though, to make it back to work on time and missed the final half-inning of Lily in the field. Hopefully I'll be able to get a shift change on Thursday for her last game and Friday which is a 'fun day'.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Papa And Nana Watch Lily Play Ball

Lily's Papa and Nana Burrill came up from Cadillac Thursday to watch Lily play some ball. She didn't disappoint, either, playing a great game and making us all proud. She had two solid hits, one toward third base and a rocket up the middle. In the field Lily was entertaining as well. Luckily she had some balls hit to her so she could show off how good she plays defence. She made good stops and throws on all of them.
Along with Papa and Nana, Mommy, Daddy, and Trevor were in attendance to cheer Lily on. We also received her team photos and button. They turned out great. Next week is our last, as she has games on Tuesday and Thursday, and Friday is a Sault Little League 'fun day'.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lily's Team Goes Extra Innings

Lily's baseball team played three full innings for the first time this season in Sault Little League action. That means that Lily had her first three hit game, and they all were good. She's still the only one used a wood bat, which is true to the sport. She hit solid ground balls all three at bats. Only one ball was hit to her in the field, but it was a 'ground ball with eyes' that evaded her glove and snuck through. She continues to entertain with her dance routines, though. I'm just glad she's out there having fun.
Lily had a good sized cheering section for the game, consisting of Mommy, Daddy, Trevor, Grandma Nichols, Grandma 'Pappy', and her cousin Rachel. It was our turn to bring the snacks, so granola bars and Kool-Aid Koolers were served after the game. Trevor helped me pass them out. He loved to get involved and can't wait until next year to play with Lily.

Baseball Back In Battle Creek

It didn't take long for Battle Creek to replace the Southwest Michigan Devil Rays, who left to become the Midwest League's Great Lakes Loons in Midland. This season introduced the Battle Creek Bombers who are competing in the Northwoods Baseball League. The Northwoods League is a non-professional league that consists of current NCAA college players looking to expand their skills with some summer ball. The Bombers roster has players from local colleges such as Central Michigan, and from larger Division I schools such as UCLA and Nebraska. They also play at C.O. Brown Stadium, former home of Class A teams Michigan Battle Cats, Battle Creek Yankees, and SWM Devil Rays.
The Bombers are just 2-6 in the second half of the season, but have four players on the Northwoods All-Star team who play their game this Wednesday. Here is the official website of the team:

Friday, July 13, 2007

Lily's Baseball Team Plays Shorthanded

I'm not sure if it was the fact that it was supposed to rain all day, or if a lot of families were on vacation, but only five players showed up from Lily's team in Sault Little League action. Two showed up just before it started to give them seven. The game went on, though, and Lily did a super job again. She got two solid hits and ran the bases well. Surprisingly, she didn't get anything hit to her in the field, but played first base the second inning, so she got a lot of balls thrown to her.
Lily's cheering section this week consisted of just Trevor, Daddy, and our friend Jon (Uncle Muttley). I offered Trevor's services as a 'replacement' player, but the coach didn't bite. Oh well, he'll be playing next year with Daddy as coach. Papa wanted to come up, but the news called for rain all day, so he'll be up next week.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lily Gets Rained Out

Lily's baseball team was able to sqeeze in one inning of play in Sault Little League action before the rain started to fall. She did have a big inning, though, as she got five balls hit to her in the field. She made great plays on all of them with super throws to first base. Lily also got a solid hit in her only at bat.

Despite her all-star performance, she also found time to entertain the masses with her usual poses and dancing routines in the field. She also finds it necessary to talk the coaches ear off after she makes a nice play.

Mommy, Daddy, Trevor, and Grandma Nichols cheered Lily on. She also got her pictures taken before the game. If weather holds, she'll be playing again Thursday. Trevor was busy with his truck and impressing the little girls.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Lily And Trevor Meet World Champion Tigers

Over the weekend we went to Mackinac City to the grand opening of the Mackinac Outfitters store. Some celebrities were on hand for the grand opening, also. On Saturday the kids got to meet Spiderman (again), and Lisa met country music singer Mel Tillis and an actor from one of her soap operas. I was a little disappointed, though, as Detroit Tiger legends and World Champion baseball players Jack Morris and Mickey Lolich were advertised to be there, too. In a little trick, the store scheduled them for Sunday, trying to bring in more business over the weekend.
Like idiots we took the bait and drove back down. It was worth it, though, as the kids and I met and got autographs from Jack and Mickey. Morris signed cards for the kids, a couple of pictures, and a baseball for my dad. Lolich signed a picture for each of us and the baseball. Both were great, but the store workers really hurried things so we couldn't really talk to either of them that much. I did shake Lolich's hand and thank him, and he seemed to appreciate that. The kids are already acquiring a good collection of autographs, and hope their interest in sports grows, too. You should see what Lily can do on the climbing wall!!!!!