Monday, April 12, 2010

Kids Meet Tigers Legend Jim Northrup

Yesterday the kids and I met Papa and Nana in Gaylord for a nice little baseball card show. At the show signing autographs was Detroit Tiger legend and 1968 World Champion Jim Northrup. Mr. Northrup was very nice to the kids as he was to all of the fans that came to meet him. I think it was hard for Lily and Trevor to grasp the fact that this guy had been a big league ball player. I guess that comes from being little. I think the older players really 'get' the whole thing with the fans and what they used to do for a living. They didn't make millions of dollars and are more grounded than some of the bozos who play these days.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Opening Day on the DL?

Yesterday was opening day around Major League Baseball, and it was opening day for official practice for Sault Little League. The kids and I had a good practice and a lot of fun. They were promised Dairy Queen afterwards, for getting good grades in school, not just because of baseball. When we get to Dairy Queen and get out of the car, I hear Lily make this blood-curdling scream! I rush around the car to see her poor little finger stuck in the now shut door. I pulled the door open and got a glance of her finger-not good! I shoved her in the back seat, jumped the curb, and headed for the hospital. I called Lisa on our way there and she arrived just minutes after we did. They put her finger on ice, gave her some Motrin for her pain, and x-rayed her finger. We still don't know if it's broken yet, but at least she's wasn't feeling a lot of pain by the time we left. If it is broken, the poor girl will likely start this season again on the DL (disabled list for you non-sports people). Last year she missed much of the season due to surgery she had on the same hand. I'm praying it's not broken and she can get healed up-she is such a tough little girl, though.
UPDATE: Lily's finger is NOT broken, thank God. She'll only miss one week of practice, if that. Again, she's a tough little girl and I am so proud of her.