Monday, March 29, 2010

The Pine Wood Derby

Trevor and I must have done a pretty good job of getting his Pine Wood Derby car ready for the big races last weekend. We added a little weight to it before the races began, and our cut must have been pretty good. Despite this not being the prettiest car in the race, it was built for speed. His car finished first in five races and second in two. He had a couple of tough races early when a wheel stuck on one of the weights, but after we took that off, there was no stopping him. He was really excited and happy to see his car continuously speed over the finish line first. The top picture is of one of his celebrations. It was a fun day, and really good for Trevor's self esteem to have some wins. Papa and Nana come up from Cadillac to see him race, too.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Feels Like Spring for Spring Training...

This season we got a late start for our Spring Training. We usually try to get things going in January, but this time we started at the end of February. It really feels like spring, though, as the last few weeks most of the snow is gone and we've hit 60 degree temps. Pretty soon we'll be able to forget about the gym and do our practices outside...unless mother nature his us with another storm or something. Despite the looks on the kids faces, they really do enjoy going to the gym and playing. Don't know why they look so morbid in these photos.
We have a Little League meeting on Monday, so those practices should be starting in a few weeks, too. Can't wait for the season to start.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vikings In The Soo

Kind of weird that my old high school's hockey team, the Cadillac Vikings, got to play a playoff game in the Soo here, but the kids and I were up for a game. Lily and Trevor didn't get into it as much, as it wasn't one of their teams, but I had a pretty sore throat after the game. Unfortunately for the Vikings, they beat Sault High earlier in the week to eliminate them. The officials of this game really took it out on them in their game against Calumet. Cadillac lost 4-1, but it should have been a better hockey game than that. Calumet's third goal came when they basically tackled the Cadillac goalie and slid the puck into the net. Their fourth goal came when Cadillac was short-handed, again. I really felt bad for them and that they deserved a better fate.
Pictured is Lily in my old Cadillac jersey and Trevor in an old jersey that was worn while I was coaching there.

Rock N Roll

Well, this has nothing to do with sports. But since Lisa hate's sports, I try to find ways to include her here on the website. I've got some things in mind, but for now, here's a pic of us at a rock concert last month.